Saturday, October 4, 2008

Suntech to Power Arizona's Largest Building Mounted PV Project at Arizona State University

SAN FRANCISCO and WUXI, China, Sept. 30 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic cells and modules, today announced it has been selected to supply 1.6 megawatt (MW) of solar panels to Sun Devil Solar LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services, for its project with Arizona State University (ASU). The project will be installed on top of two elevated parking structures in the middle of the ASU's main campus using an innovating tracking system. The solar installations are to be completed by the end of 2008.

The total project size of 1.6 MW makes it one of the largest university installations in the United States. It will generate more than 3 million kilowatt hours annually, enough electric generating capacity to run approximately 3,680 computers at the university or the equivalent of 260 Arizona households. The project will also reduce 2,260 tons of carbon emissions per year -- equivalent to taking 425 cars off the road.

"We are pleased our ground-breaking project will be powered by Suntech solar panels. Suntech's high quality panels will ensure ASU is able to reap the benefits of clean, green solar energy for many years to come," said Jonathan Fink, Director of the Global Institute of Sustainability and University Sustainability Officer at ASU. "We believe in the potential of solar to become a cost-effective energy solution and hope that ASU's large solar installation and solar R&D initiatives will encourage further solar adoption throughout Arizona and at other universities throughout the U.S."

ASU has long term plans to install 7 MW of solar-generating capacity at the Tempe campus as well as other campus locations. In addition, the university has a wide range of sustainability initiatives and has established the world's first School of Sustainability. ASU has received multiple awards and grants from the US Department of Energy's Solar America Initiative to support ongoing solar research.

"We commend Arizona State University for their vision of sustainability and commitment to solar energy," said Roger Efird, President of Suntech America. "With an extremely sunny climate, the state of Arizona is well situated to be at the forefront of solar adoption in the U.S., and ASU's solar programs are ensuring that Arizona is also at the forefront of solar research."

This first phase 1.6 MW solar installation will be owned and operated by Sun Devil Solar LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services. Integrys Energy Services, a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group (NYSE:TEG) , is investing in and promoting renewable energy company-wide, which it believes is one key to the future of its industry. To support this value, Integrys Energy Services has systematically reduced its investment in non-renewable production and devoted significant capital to the development of solar, wind and landfill-to-gas operations.

"Renewable energy from fuel sources such as solar offers huge potential for air quality and global climate change concerns, and for the growth of sustainable alternatives on the path toward the energy supply of the future. Integrys Energy Services is committed to environmental stewardship and is pleased to be involved in this innovative project that is smart for business, for the University and for the environment," said Mark Radtke, President of Integrys Energy Services.

The ASU solar installation is partly subsidized through a Renewable Incentive Program implemented by APS, Arizona's largest electric utility. The program, which is approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission and funded by customers, provides financial incentives to residential and commercial customers who add renewable systems such as solar water heaters, solar electric systems and small windmills.

The Incentive Program is just one of several Green Choice Programs offered by APS including offering special Green Rates to increase the amount of utility-scale renewable energy a customer receives, supporting a program that offers Compact Florescent Light bulbs at a substantial discount, and providing rebates to customers who install high-efficiency air conditioners.

"We're excited to partner with ASU on this important solar installation. Not only is it a great example for other Arizona businesses, but the more renewable energy produced by ASU, the better able APS can manage the rising cost of infrastructure that is needed to meet the growing energy needs of Arizona," said Barbara Lockwood, APS' Renewable Energy Manager.

The project team includes SolEquity, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ and CarbonFree Technology Inc. of Toronto, ON, as project developers, ViaSol Energy Solutions of Tempe, AZ, as the prime contractor and ETA Engineering and IronCo Enterprises as subcontractors.

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