Saturday, October 4, 2008

Haier releases new solar-powered heaters to the Jordanian market

Monday, September 29 - 2008

Haier, the world's fourth largest producer of white goods (home appliances) announced recently the arrival of new solar-powered heaters and water heaters from its headquarters in China.

These new solar-powered heaters come with a unique wired control feature, allowing users to control water temperature and water levels, in order to ensure that water temperatures do not rise to levels that are unsuitable for human use.

This feature also helps avoid leakages and allows for constant monitoring of heating functions.

The heaters also come with a variety of high-end features that maximize usability and efficiency.

'Haier has utilized the latest in new-generation solar-power technology in the design and manufacturing of these heaters, and this is to ensure that customers' needs are met with ease,' said Reham Ghaboun, Haier's Marketing Manager.

'Our primary objective is to provide citizens with an efficient, cost-saving and energy-saving heating system, particularly with the recent hike in the prices of fuel and electricity, and a heating system that follows safety guidelines and preserves the environment.'

It is worth noting that Haier had provided the Olympics Committee in Beijing with its latest solar-powered heaters and garnered two quality-assurance and public safety certificates.

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