Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wafangdian Bearing Group signed two wind turbine bearing supply agreements recently

October 16th 2008, Wafangdian Bearing Group signed supply agreement with Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power Group, Wafangdian Bearing Group should supply the wind turbine bearings in 2009 and the contract value is 373,200,000 CNY. Wafangdian Bearing Group signed another wind turbine bearing supply agreement with Guodian United Power early this year, and the contract value is 300,000,000 CNY.

Wafangdian Bearing Group is the No.1 bearing manufacturer in China, and is able to offer bearing for 1.5WM, 2.1MW and 3.0MW wind turbines.

Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power Group is dedicated to the development and production of wind turbines and wind power generation related systems and components.

Hebei Shangyi completed the biggest wind power plant in China

Recently the phase four wind power project of Guohua Shangyi Wind Power Plant was completed, and the phase four wind power project is 49.5MW. Then Guohua Hebei New Energy Company has completed their wind power plant in Shangyi, and the total installed capacity is 183MW, and became the current biggest wind power plant in China.

Guohua Shangyi Wind Power Plant covers about 100 suqare kilometers, and the total investment is about 1.75 billion CNY, and 122 sets of 1.5WM wind turbines are installed. Guohua Shangyi Wind Power Plant is able to generate 430 million KWH per year.

In order to push the development of wind energy Shangyi county government has signed 7.2GW wind power development agreement with 21 wind power investors, the total investment is 62 billion CNY. And the installed capacity in Shangyi will reach 400MW by the end of 2008, and Shangyi county has the ambitious plan to become the No.1 wind power generation county in China.

LDK Solar inks 90-megawatt supply contract

October 17, 2008

NEW YORK (AP) - LDK Solar Co., which makes solar wafers, said Friday it has signed a three-year "take-or-pay" contract to supply solar wafers to a U.S.-based energy company.
Financial terms of the deal, as well as the customer's name, were not disclosed.

China-based LDK Solar will supply about 90 megawatts of silicon solar wafers over three years starting in 2009. The customer will supply at least 300 metric tons of polysilicon, and make a down payment.

ET Solar, Helios Technologies sign solar sales contract


NANJING, CHINA: Nanjing-based solar and photovoltaic (PV) products manufacturer ET Solar has signed a 15 MW module sales contract with Helios Technology, an Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, inverters and charge regulators.

ET Solar will ship a total of 15 MW of modules to Helios between October 2008 and March 2009.
ET Solar Chief Security Officer Dennis Shaw said, "We see the Italian PV market as one of the fastest growing markets in the global PV industry. With this transaction ET Solar is very well positioned to expand its presence and be a significant contributor in this market."


ROTTERDAM - The Netherlands, Shanghai - China, October 17, 2008. Chinese solar companies are on the up. Led by major growth strategies, Chinese solar module manufacturers are hoping to push past the competition. Only the strongest will survive under current market conditions. Ignoring an expected oversupply situation in 2009, Chinese companies are aiming for growth rates of 100-400% a year. In recent years, we have already witnessed a reshuffle among the top 10 solar manufacturers; formerly high ranking European and Japanese producers have been replaced by Chinese manufacturers claiming positions among the top 10.

Although Q-cells still heads the table and First Solar is still the leading thin film company, the Chinese will be claiming more and more top-10 positions. Solarplaza, the global solar energy business portal, has made a shortlist of some of these high-potential companies and has taken a look at their growth ambitions and strategies.

Thin film

China has been in no doubt about the marked rise in the global production of thin film over the past two years. The first dozen thin film manufacturers to surface in China appeared no less than two to three years ago. Nowadays, dozens of Chinese thin film manufacturers are expanding their factories and have either started production or else will be doing so in the near future.

One of the largest investments has been made by Best Solar. With a contract worth $1.9 billion signed with Applied Materials they hope to grow from around 200 MW at the beginning of 2009 to almost 1 GW of thin film tandem junction production capacity by 2010, doubling this to 2GW by 2011.

To put this in perspective, First Solar (FSLR) will reach a production capacity of more than 1 GW by the end of 2009. Best Solar will start shipping products in Q1 of 2009.

Another young company with less capital but equal eagerness is QS Solar. This company is aiming to produce 500MW in thin film solar cells within 3 years (2010). QS Solar, together with companies like Nanosolar, Firstsolar, and Moserbaer, was one of the companies to present its products at the first thin film conference in Munich, June 2008.


There are already hundreds of manufacturers producing solar modules in China with regard to the crystalline side of things. A dozen are listed on foreign stock exchanges, four of them are listed on the New York stock exchange: JA Solar, Suntech Power, Trina Solar, and Solarfun.

The latter has received investments from Good Energies and is showing steady growth (from 240 MW output capacity to 360 MW by the end of 2008). Unlike Trina Solar, for instance, Solarfun focuses on producing solar cells and modules.

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar's year-end goal for 2009 is to have a production capacity of 600 MW, and it plans to ship between 360 to -400 MW in 2009 as they ramp up toward 600MW capacity. Trina has pursued a vertical integration model and thus produces, or aims to produce, nearly all the components for its PV panels. To demonstrate just how committed it was to this principle, Trina actually announced plans to open a polysilicon factory. It abandoned these plans in April this year.

The company argued that the polysilicon supply would become increasingly available as new plants came online; therefore, the supply of silicon would be both sufficient and ever more affordable in the years and months to come. Trina Solar, like Suntech, will be heavily reliant on the US as a market for their products.

Apart from these stock listed companies, there are also hundreds of small but ambitious companies actively involved in the solar industry.

Take Astronergy/Chint, for example. This company, founded in 2006, has a major focus on technology and is producing solar cells as well as thin film solar modules. It is striving to be the first among its competitors to reduce PV module costs to below $1/Wp. With a production goal of 380 MW by 2010, this company is also aiming to be one of the big players.

Bearing the scale of these ambitions and growth plans in mind, the Chinese solar industry will be able to take solar to the next level; and with prices that are almost the lowest in the industry, China will be giving European manufacturers a hard time in terms of the ability to compete.

Fully organized trade mission

For the purpose of exploring business opportunities and visiting the factories of some of the companies mentioned above, Solarplaza is organizing an open international PV trade mission to China. The program includes a brokerage event and factory visits to the companies mentioned above (Best Solar, Trina Solar, Solarfun Power, QS Solar, Chint Solar).

About SolarPlaza

Solarplaza is a global solar energy business portal with worldwide news and information on photovoltaic products and services. Solarplaza organizes solar-dedicated events and assists in large solar deals. Solarplaza has its headquarters in the Netherlands and also has offices in Spain and China.

Yingli to supply China Mobile's PV needs

October 17, 2008

China's largest wireless carrier also expects to receive an additional estimated 2MWp of PV modules from Suntech.

Tianwei Yingli New Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Baoding, China's Yingli Green Energy (NYSE: YGE), won a bid today to supply photovoltaic modules to the largest mobile phone operator in China.

Tianwei Yingli is expected to deliver approximately 1.5 megawatts of PV modules to China Mobile Communications (HYSE: CHL) from November 2008 to October 2009.

Yingli Green Energy previously signed a contract to supply Germany's S.A.G. Solarstrom with 36.6 MW of PV solar modules.

And in May Yingli agreed to supply 17.35 MW of PV modules to Japan's Eiko Trading.

Considered one of the largest manufacturers of PV products in the world as measured by annual production capacity, Yingli Green Energy has said it will not increase its production capacity next year. The worldwide credit crunch is thought to have influenced the company's decision.
Yingli Green Energy currently has a manufacturing capacity of 600 MW.

The winning bid from Tianwei Yingli represents a third of China Mobile's total recent PV module procurement. Earlier this week Jiangsu-based PV manufacturer Suntech (NYSE: STP) announced it had won a bid for China Mobile's PV system integration and controller procurement project, offering an estimated 2 megawatt-peak output in solar cell modules.

Suntech was China Mobile's largest solar supplier in 2007, providing 1.4 MWp of solar modules to nine provinces. The company acquired California-based EI Solutions earlier this month as part of its plans to triple U.S. sales in 2009.

China Mobile is the largest wireless operator in the world, with more than 260 million subscribers. The company is controlled by China's Ministry of Information Industry.