Monday, October 13, 2008

Jiamusi plays the wind to money game

Jiamusi has abundant wind energy, and the average wind energy density is over 200 watts per square meters. At present 17 ideal wind power plant locations are identified, and by the end of this year the total installed capacity will reach 368MW, and the target is 1000MW.

49.5MW Wind Power Plant will be built in Ziyuan County, Guangxi Province

Ziyuan County is rich in the wind energy, and a 49.5MW wind power plant will be built on the Jinzi mountain.

China Power Investment Group will invest about 600,000,000 RMB in the wind power project, and install 33 sets of 1.5MW wind turbines. China Power Investment Group plans to start the construction in this year, and complete the project in 12 months.

Baotou to push Damao Bayin wind power project

In order to achieve the 2,000MW wind power capacity (including the under construction projects) by the end of 2010, Baotou municipal government is pushing the development of Damao Bayin 1,400 MW wind power project.

The total exploitable wind power capacity in Baotou is about 30,000MW, and the planned Bayin wind power project will cover 850 square kilometers, Baotou government began to prepare for the development of Bayin wind power project in 2005, and the Bayin wind power plants are divided into seven sectors, and seven companies are preparing to build the wind power plants.

China Windey produces bamboo blade for the wind power generation

Recently China Windey produces the first bamboo blade in the world for the wind power generation.

At present most of the blades are made of Glass Re-inforced Plastics, and the working life of the Glass Re-inforced Plastics made blades is 20 years, and the Glass Re-inforced Plastics could not be recycled. The bamboo made blades are environment friendly, and much lighter.

The first bamboo wind turbine has been installed in Zhangbei wind power plant, and its performance in the last two months is much better than expected.

China Windey has applied for the patent for their bamboo blade technologies, and China Windey plans to install 100 bamboo wind turbines in Zhangbei wind power plant by the second half of next year.