Saturday, July 7, 2007

3000 ton polysilicon project launched in Mudanjiang, China

One 3000 ton polysilicon project contract was signed on December 29th, 2006, the total investment is 2.5 billion RMB (250 million Euro).

At present the project is still in early phase now.

It is said that Mudanjiang has the best polysilicon production infrastructure in China, all the production needed materials are available near the project in Mudanjiang.

China CHINT will expand its solar cell production capacity to 300MW in 2009

CHINT is the leading player in the Low-voltage electrical and Power Transmission and Distribution industries in China.

CHINT found CHINT Solar in October 2006 in Hangzhou, and the former BP Solar director, Mr. Liyou Yang is the general manager of CHINT Solar. The first thin film solar cell production line in the world was built under the direction of Mr. Liyou Yang.

The first phase solar cell production capacity is 25MW, and the production capacity will reach 100MW in 2008 and reach 300MW in 2009.