Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tanqianqiu saved 4 students with his life

My dear friends,

http://solar-in-china.blogspot.com/ is my blog for China's solar energy industry, and I did not plan to talk about other issues here. But since the 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Wenchuan China, all Chinese people have been following the rescue operation progress, and hundreds of thousand people went to join the rescue and disaster relief operation, the whole nation is moved by lots of heart-broken stories, and I would like to share such stories here with you. Please see my future articles.

Chinese governemnt agencies, companies, and individuals are donating to help the victims, but over ten million people are affected by the earthquake, the death toll will be over fifty thousand, and about two hundred and fifty thousand people are injured, especially many children lost their parents, and many senior citizens lost their sons and daughters. These victims need our help, and I hope you may forward the earthquake information to your friends, and I hope you may pray for them, and help them if possible.

Magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit Wenchuan China on May 12th 2008, and in the evening of May 13th rescuer rescued 4 buried students from the debris of Deyang Dongqi Middle School.

And these 4 students were saved by their teacher, Mr.Tan Qianqiu. When the earthquake took place, Mr. Tan was giving his student a lesson. When the classroom shaked dramatically, Mr.Tan realized the earthquake happened, and he asked his students to get out of the classroom at once, and not take anything with them. But four students did not have the time to leave the classroom, then he let them hide under one desk, and he made his back bent, put his two hands on the desk with force and cover the four students with his body. The brick and floor slab hit his head and body when the classroom building collapsed, and his four students were saved.

Mr.Tan's wife is cleaning his body.