Thursday, May 22, 2008

Earthquake victim committed suicide to give the survival opportunity to others

My dear friends, is my blog for China's solar energy industry, and I did not plan to talk about other issues here. But since the 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Wenchuan China, all Chinese people have been following the rescue operation progress, and hundreds of thousand people went to join the rescue and disaster relief operation, the whole nation is moved by lots of heart-broken stories, and I would like to share such stories here with you.

Chinese governemnt agencies, companies, and individuals are donating to help the victims, but over ten million people are affected by the earthquake, the death toll is 41,353, and 274,683 people are injured, and 32, 666 people are missing by May 21st. Especially many children lost their parents, and many senior citizens lost their sons and daughters. These victims need our help, and I hope you may forward the earthquake information to your friends, and I hope you may pray for them, and help them in anyway if possible.

Now I would like to tell you a story about the earthquake.

The earthquake happened on May 12th, the rescuers came to Yingxiu, Wenchuan on May 15th, and found a old lady under the collapsed building. Yunfen Yang is 52 years old, and she is a retired doctor. 30 fireman and soldiers tried to save her with their bare hands, they did not have any tools, but it is hard for them to remove the collapsed things. At 9:40 am Yunfen Yang told the rescuers that "Please give up me, it is dangerous here, and go to rescue others." The rescue doctor told her that they would never give her up. Then Yunfen Yang took the broken glass with her right hand, and cut her left wrist first, then right wrist. The doctor tried to stop her, but Yunfen Yang is out of her touch. When the doctor shouted "No, and please do not" and cried, Yunfen Yang swallowed her gold ring also to end her life and to give the survival opportunity to others.

Polysilicon projects in Sichuan unaffected by earthquake

Shanghai. May 14. INTERFAX-CHINA - Polysilicon projects in Sichuan Province were unaffected by the 8.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the province on May 12, according to local companies. Several polysilicon projects are either under operation or construction in Sichuan. Polysilicon is the raw material for photovoltaic (PV) products.

An official with Emei Semiconductor Material Factory, located in Sichuan's central city of Emeishan, told Interfax today that its polysilicon production was not affected by the quake. The official, who wished to remain anonymous, said the earthquake's only impact on the company has been transportation delays.

Emeishan City is about 196 kilometers away from Wenchuan County, which was the site of the epicenter of the earthquake.

Emei Semiconductor Material Factory has a polysilicon production line with an annual production capacity of 200 tons, and is China's first 200-ton polysilicon production line.

The official said that the company's other project under construction, located in the city of Leshan and which is close to Emeishan City, was not affected by the earthquake either.

The Leshan project has received investment from Dongfang Electric Corp.(DEC), and has an annual polysilicon production capacity of 1,500 tons. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

An official with Sichuan-based Tongwei Group told Interfax that its1,000-ton polysilicon project, which is being constructed in Leshan City, was also unaffected. This project is expected to be completed in June.

Shanghai-listed Tianwei Baobian Electric Co. Ltd. (TWBB) announced today that Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Science and Technology Co. Ltd., a company in which it the second largest shareholder, was also unaffected by the earthquake.

Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Science and Technology suspended operations for the sake of safety in the wake of the quake, but will resume production as soon as possible.

In addition, TWBB said that the construction of two other polysilicon projects in Leshan City and Xinjin County, each with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons, were not affected by the quake.