Wednesday, September 5, 2007

China Unveils $266 Billion Renewable Energy Plan

Windsor Genova - AHN Writer

Beijing, China (AHN) - China unveiled on Tuesday a plan to increase its use of renewable energy by 15 percent or the equivalent of 600 million tons of coal by 2020. The plan is meant to reduce the country's green house gas emissions while sustaining its economic growth.

State-run media said China derived only 7.5 percent of its energy from renewable sources in 2005. Now, Beijing says the plan, published by the National Development and Reform Commission, will spend $266.7 billion from 2006 to 2020 to develop hydropower, wind power, biomass and solar energy.

The plan says that by 2020, China will be producing 300 million kilowatts (kW) of hydropower, 30 million kW of wind power, 30 million kW biomass energy and 1.8 million kW of solar power.

China will also cut use of 10 million tons of oil per year and instead use 10 million tons of bio-ethanol and two million tons of bio-diesel.

The plan says that by 2020, 300 million people from rural areas will use biogas as fuel.

At present, China uses coal, oil and gas for heat, power and transportation.