Friday, October 31, 2008

Report from 2008 Beijing Global Wind Power Conference and Exhibiton

On October 29th 2008 I went to visit 2008 Beijing Global Wind Power Exhibiton, the three day conference and exhibition was held at China International Exhibition Center Beijing China.

It was cloudy and cold on October 29th in Beijing, but the exhibiton was super hot, almost all the major international and China domestic wind power equipment manufacturers are presented there, too many visitors were attracted there also.

The wind turbine manufacturers are the focus of the exhibition, international major manufactures like GE, Repower, GAMESA, VESTAS, SUZLON, Nordex, SIEMENS, American Superconductor, and China domestic major and new suppliers like GoldWind, Sinovel, Windy, United Power, Tianwei Baobian, HAIZHUANG WINDPOWER, CSR ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Guangzhou Engga, Harbin SQ Wind Power, HUNAN HARA XEMC WINDPOWER, and Shenyang TENWIND New Energy Equipment are very happy with the crowded visitors.

China wind power industry has obtained strong support from Chinese government, and almost all the good wind power farm locations are reserved or developped by the investors, and the power companies are required to buy all the generated wind power at a fixed price, and the price is different for different wind power projects.

Some small scale wind power generation systems are shown at the exhibition, they are ideal for small grid off application in remote regions.

At present wind power is the hottest renewable energy sector in China, since the wind electricity cost is not too high, and affordable for the remote applications.