Friday, June 13, 2008

Yunnan Shilin to Create China's Biggest Solar Power Station

SHILIN, Jun 12, 2008 (SinoCast via COMTEX) -- Shilin, a developing city in Yunnan Province in Southwest China, will build up the country's biggest solar energy photovoltaic power station with total investment of CNY 3.7 billion.

Yunnan Power Investment New Energy Development Co., Ltd. is the main investor of this project, which is located in Shilin Town, Shilin County and covers a plot of land as large as 173.33 hectares.

The solar power station will have installed capacity of 66 megawatts and will interconnect with the local power grids to supply electricity to users in Yunnan. As a key project on the list of Yunnan Province's 2008 planning, the station is scheduled to kick off construction from October 2008 and complete within 2009.

Photovoltaic power generation is a good utility of solar energy, which is widely believed as a clean energy and is encouraged by the central government of China. Notably, Yunnan is one of the best places in China that is suitable for solar energy development because of its high altitude and strong sunshine.

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