Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shenzhen Topraysolar passes milestone in $433M PV park

June 17, 2008

Company plans to make an initial investment of $108 million by year end.
Hohhot, China-based Shenzhen Topraysolar Co. has announced plans to invest $433.63 million over five years in a photovoltaic industrial park in Leshan.
An initial investment of $108.41 million, just secured, is to be divided between the next year-and-a-half, with half the capital going toward the project by year end, said Shenzhen.

Earlier this year Shenzhen filed for China's first domestic IPO.

The Shenzhen Topray Solar Industrial Park, as it has been named, is to consist of a 670,000 square meter park which is planned to have 880 MW of combined solar and wind power, making the silicon park partially self-sufficient, boasts Shenzhen.

The solar installation is to include a 300 KW roof top installation and an 80 KW amorphous silicon solar module "curtain" over the main building.

For wind generation, the Chinese company said it plans on installing a building-integrated wind turbine which is expected to contribute approximately 500 MW of power.

When completed, the project is expected to product crystalline silicon materials, solar power batteries, graphite products, quartz products and special glass products.

Leshan is China's largest production base of crystalline silicon and reportedly has two polysilicon production projects underway by Tongwei Group for 1,000 tons, and Emei Semiconductor for 1,500 tons, in addition to being the headquarters of TBEA Co., China's largest researching and assembling bases for solar energy equipment.

Shenzhen said it expects the park to begin production in 2010.

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