Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Earthquake killed mother nurses her baby

My dear friends, is my blog for China's solar energy industry, and I did not plan to talk about other issues here. But since the 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Wenchuan China, all Chinese people have been following the rescue operation progress, and hundreds of thousand people went to join the rescue and disaster relief operation, the whole nation is moved by lots of heart-broken stories, and I would like to share such stories here with you. Please see my future articles.

Chinese governemnt agencies, companies, and individuals are donating to help the victims, but over ten million people are affected by the earthquake, the death toll will be over fifty thousand, and over two hundred and seventy five thousand people are injured, especially many children lost their parents, and many senior citizens lost their sons and daughters. These victims need our help, and I hope you may forward the earthquake information to your friends, and I hope you may pray for them, and help them if possible.

In the afternoon of May 13th, one day later after the earthquake, the rescuers found one young mother and her three month old baby in the a collapsed house, and the baby was sucking the nipple. The fireman gave his hand to the mother, but no response. Then the fireman took the baby away, and found the mother was dead already. We can imagine that the mother in order to save her baby, put her nipple in her baby's mouth before she died. And the baby's father died in the house also. When the fireman took the baby away from the nipple, the baby began to cry at once, and she was not aware of the disaster.

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