Friday, January 4, 2008

Solarfun Announces New CEO

SHANGHAI, China, Jan 03, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:SOLF), an established manufacturer of photovoltaic cells, modules and ingots in China, today announced the appointment of Henricus Johannes Petrus "Harold" Hoskens as Chief Executive Officer. His tenure will commence on February 25, 2008 for an initial term of three years. Mr. Hoskens joins Solarfun from TPO Displays Corporation, Chunan Taiwan, where he recently served as Deputy CEO. Lu Yonghua, Chairman of Solarfun commented, "We are very fortunate to have attracted Harold to the Solarfun team. The growth and changing dynamics of the solar industry require leadership and expertise in operating and international experience. Harold has a proven track record in manufacturing, supply chain management, technology and customer relations. He is a well-rounded executive who can lead Solarfun to become a leading competitor in the burgeoning solar industry."

Mr. Lu will continue to serve as Chairman and remain actively involved in our business focusing on various areas of strategic importance to Solarfun.

Mr. Hoskens began his career with Royal Philips in 1988 following the receipt of his Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from Eindhoven University of Technology. In his first period at Philips he focused on Supply Chain and Supply Base execution and improvement for different business entities.

In 1997, Mr. Hoskens moved to the Royal Philips' Mobile Display Systems division in Hong Kong, serving as its CEO beginning in September 2003. MDS was a leading global player in the mobile LCD markets with extensive operations throughout Asia, as well as South America and Europe. At MDS, Mr. Hoskens helped to introduce new product concepts with leading customers in the cellular and automotive industries.

Mr. Hoskens led MDS into a merger with Toppoly from Taiwan, creating TPO Displays Corporation. TPO Displays focuses on the leading technologies for mobile displays (LTPS-TFT and AMOLED). In the integration process after the merger, he served in Taiwan as Deputy CEO with a focus on customers, technology and marketing for the newly established company. TPO Displays is currently privately held.

Mr. Hoskens noted that, "Solarfun is poised for continued growth. Its manufacturing scale, strong customer base, especially in Europe, and its efficient and low-cost manufacturing advantages from being located in China are all factors that attracted me to this organization. The solar industry is growing and dynamic. Companies that capture a leadership position over time will have low-cost manufacturing, high quality products, strong technology and strong brand recognition. I believe my experience and track record at Royal Philips and TPO fit well with these demands and I look forward to contributing to Solarfun's continued success."

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