Tuesday, January 8, 2008

China Sunergy opens European HQ in Germany

Munich - Leading Chinese solar cell maker China Sunergy has moved to cash in on Germany's booming sun-power market by opening its European headquarters in Munich, the Bavarian state economics ministry announced Monday. "There is an enormous know how in the solar and energy technology sector here," said China Sunergy European president Thomas Liu, setting out the reasons behind the decision to open the headquarters in Germany.

He saw a base in the southern German state of Bavaria as enabling the company, which is China's second biggest solar maker, to reach all the European markets.

China Sunergy, which is also one of the world's leading solar manufacturers, chose Germany over Spain for its headquarters with the company planning to create 20 new jobs in Bavaria.

Apart from co-ordinating its sales and marketing operations from its new Bavarian headquarters, Sunergy plans to set up a new European research and development unit in Munich.

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