Thursday, November 22, 2007

Deep Research Report on China Solar Cell Industry 2007

( - According to 2007 deep research report on China solar cell industry data. 2006 China Solar Cell Shipment was 400.9 MW, Increased 237.74% than 118.7MW in 2005, and hopefully reach 1021.5 MW in 2007,increase 154.8% than 2006.

About the revenue: 2006 China Solar Cell revenue was 1251.4 Million USD, Increased 264.5% than 343.3 Million USD in 2005,and hopefully reach 3188.6 Million USD in 2007,increase 154.8% than 2006.

About selling price: 2006 China solar cell selling price is 3.12USD/W increase 8% than 2.89USD/W in 2005; while 2007 keep the same as 2006. the price will slowly dropping since 2008.

About utilization: the total solar cell utilization of China is 27.36 in 2005, 34.24% in 2006, about 41.61% in 2007, 76.99 in 2012; the low utilization during 2005 and 2006 mainly because the following two reasons: first, the expansion of solar cell manufacture capacity is too fast; second, the shortage of solar cell raw material (wafer or polysilicon) is serious.

About the net income margin: compare almost all the company owned good income in 2006; 2007H1 situation is not good, some companies lost, some company got low net income Margin, these situation mainly because slow increasing demand of downstream and serious Competitive of solar cell industry in China.

About the solar cell equipment: more and more China local equipment manufacturers owned solar Cell orders from cell companies, but key equipment such as diffuse PECVD 6. Firing Screen-Printing etc mainly from oversea equipment suppliers. Import equipment value is almost twice as local equipment purchase value. But as the local equipment grow better in the coming days, more and more clients will select local equipment as their low price and easy do after sale service.

About raw material: shortage of wafer and polysilicon is the important reason cute the low Utilization, what is more this also cute the whole net income margin go down, anyone who own good raw material supplement (such as Hebei JA Solar) can make excellent net income while others will face serious pressure if raw material supply is bad.

About downstream demand: more than 50% companies are produce cell and module, almost all their cell will use for their own module, not sales to others directly. Some cell only manufacturers are also sell their products to local clients directly, there are only 3% of China solar cell sell to the oversea clients directly in 2006 and 2007. though module capacity is bigger than cell capacity, but some module product line mainly OEM for some Japanese solar cell companies(such as Sharp solar and Kyocera solar), except these OEM Manufacturers, solar cell and solar module keep a good relationship and develop with the same step. So cell demand from module keep a good balance.

In a word, solar cell capacity shipment revenue all keep a high speed increase, their average increase rate more than 40%, higher than that of global market, though their selling price and net income margin are going down, but to the large scale manufacturer or good raw material supplement companies, their orders are good. as market demand increase going down, some companies go into lost and low net income margin, some of them maybe bought or combination. But the key situation of solar cell industry is capacity expansion and looking for low cost material. Solar energy as a renewable energy and lots of downstream product applications (such as solar lamps) it will keep good demand no matter today or in the future, what is more, solar energy business will enter a very good future as it is one of the best renewable energy instead of traditional energy.

Deep research report on China solar cell industry 2007 is a report mainly introduce China solar cell industry chain, the report included solar cell upstream industry contents as : wafer or polysilicon raw material sources, Furance (diffuse PECVD Firing screen-printing), sources and quantity. Solar cell industry contents as : Solar cell supply shipments sales demand price revenue net income capacity and capacity expanding information, equipment information of manufacturers etc ; downstream clients contents as: market demand of solar cell, downstream clients by manufacturer, regional revenue and market share etc. Through the detail survey and research of the whole solar cell industry chain, the report can show a deep and excellent introduction about China solar cell industry and will fit for investor marketing and strategy planning of the company.

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