Thursday, November 29, 2007

China to release first energy law

A soon-to-be-released draft of China's first energy law will focus on unifying administration of the sector. The draft has been distributed to government officials for comment and will soon be open to public comment as well.

The energy bill deals with major issues, like conservation, safety and technological innovation. Government agencies related to the energy sector will be streamlined to unify energy administration.

He Yongjian from State Energy Management Office said, "Take energy alternatives for example. China mainly depends on coal as its energy, but coal is not renewable, and burning coal can also lead to many environmental problems. By enacting the energy law, alternative strategies such as developing new energy and renewable energy will be specified in detail."

He Yongjian says the draft requires coal to be used in multiple ways. It also specifies uses of energy in rural areas.

He Yongjian said, "The government will provide preferential policies for the rural population to use wind and solar power, hydropower and methane where suitable."

The energy bill is expected to be submitted for review to the State Council early next year.

Editor: Zhang Ning

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