Friday, August 3, 2007

Nan'an will become one new PV industry production base

August 2nd Fujian province government held one news release conference to announce that the Fujian province PV industry development forum (Nan'an PV project promotion meeting) would be held on August 9th in Nan'an city. The ground breaking ceremony for seven PV projects will be held on the same day.

Fujina is trying to make Nan'an the new PV industry production base. Fujian is rich in silicon material, and Nan'an Sanjing Silicon company has built silicon production base in Dehua and Taining, and built purified silicon production base in Nan'an. Nan'an Sanjing Silicon company is able to produce solar grade polysilicon by some physical process, and the production cost is much lower compared with other production process, and the power consumption is lowered also.

And Nan'an PV industry production base is partnering with some universities in the development of PV technologies. The PV industry production base will be finished by 2020, its first phase project will be finished by 2010.

Nan'an PV industry production base will have the whole production chain, from polysilicon to silicon wafer, from solar cell to solar panel.

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