Saturday, June 2, 2007

Report from The 2nd China Renewable Energy & Energy-saving Products Exposition

June 2nd, Beijng

I visited The 2nd China Renewable Energy & Energy-saving Products Exposition today, to be frank, this show is not hot at all: there are only about 60 exhibitors and few visitors.

Solar water heater and biogas applications are the dominant products at this show. The solar water heater exhibitors are Huanpu Solar, Si Fang Tian Jiao, Ai Li Yang Solar, Tsinghua Solar, Gold Sun, Youngest Solar, Tianming Solar, Long Sheng Wei New Energy, Vantage, Wuhu Best New Energy, Sundar, Sunshore Solar, Tianpu Solar, and Tianyun Solar.

It is not easy to promote the renewable energy products in China at present since the renewable energy is still too expensive compared with the traditional energy.


ryan said...

I was under the impression that the solar hat water heating market was saturated with over thousands of companies...they have been able to compete because the price has been so low and competitive with other carbon-intensive technologies. In Kunming, for example, most urban apartment dwellers expect to have a solar hot water heater unit warming their water for dish washing and bathing.

Solar in China said...

Yes, there are too many (over 3000) solar water heater makers in China at present, and the price is not high already, the cheaper one for 100 liter only costs about 200 Euro.

Many makers have estabilished international sale channels already, and the solar water heaters are demanded in U.S. and European markets.

I am sure that these Chinese makers will beat other makers in the international market badly.