Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Top PV Brands Identified

SunPower make the best solar panels in the world, Kaco make the best inverters in the world and Direct Power and Water make the best mounting systems in the world. These are findings from new research among directors of photovoltaic installation companies in 45 different countries.

The directors were asked to name which brands of photovoltaic components they have purchased in the last 12 months, and rate the products for their quality and value for money. An average of these two scores has been used to find the companies whose customers thought most highly of their products. The top ranking companies receiving awards are:

Solar Panels
No.1 in World – SunPower (USA)
No.2 in World – Schott Solar (Germany)
No.3 in World – SolarWorld (Germany)

Best Product Quality – Sanyo (Japan)
Best Value for Money – Suntech (China)

Solar Inverters
No.1 in World – Kaco (Germany)
No.2 in World – OutBack (USA)
No.3 in World – Mastervolt (Netherlands)

Best Product Quality – OutBack (USA)
Best Value for Money – Kaco (Germany)

Solar Mounting Systems
No.1 in World – Direct Power and Water (USA)
No.2 in World – UniRac (USA)
No.3 in World – Schüco (Germany)

Solar Trackers
No.1 in World – Zomeworks (USA)

Solar PV Systems
No.1 in World – Sharp (Japan)

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