Thursday, May 17, 2007

Polycrystalline Silicon Production Capacity in China

At present there are only 3 major companies in China that are able to produce polycrystalline silicon in volume, and they are Luoyang China Silicon (300 Ton), Sichuan Emei Semiconductor(200 Ton), and Sichuan Xinguang Silicon (1260 Ton). And all of these companies are planning to increase their production capacity now. What's more, there are many polycrystalline silicon projects are under construction or planned in China, take all the polycrystalline silicon projects in account, the total production capacity is over 20,000 Ton already.

It is expected that in 2010, the supply of polycrystalline silicon will surpass the demand, and the price of polycrystalline silicon will be reduced, then the solar electricity will be much cheaper, and much popular.

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Anonymous said...

has Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Cop already started to produced silicon and sold to customers? Who are the major customers?